Kyle's Care
Kyle's Care

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Kyle's birth came with great expecation!  He was met by a sweet big sister, a fully devoted father and a "momma bear" of a mommy.  The time holding Kyle, in those first few hours after his birth, was full of smiles and tenderness.  However, the joy of his birth was quickly met with news of a congenital heart defect.  He was transferred to Cook Children's less than 24 hours after coming into the world.

Once at Cook Children's, Kyle's parents were told he would need open heart surgery.  At only 3 days old, Kyle went in for surgery.  He survived and, for all accounts, it looked as though he was on his way to a full recovery.  However, seven days later, he was taken back for another open heart surgery.  The strain on his small body was just too much.  Slowly his organs began to shut down and his parents were moved by faith and compassion making the painful decision to remove support and allow Kyle to be gathered into the presence of the Lord.

During their time in the PICU, Kyle's parents never waivered in their petitions before the Lord for a healing.  As faithful followers of Jesus, they cried and sought the Lord through it all.  As a testimony to their faithfulness and as a means to keep others informed, Kyle's family started a blog.  Initially, this blog was maintained by Kyle's aunts but toward the end of Kyle's life, his parents made the entries.  It became a means to share the overwhelming emotions they encountered daily.

The link to this wonderful, emotional and faithful testimony of Kyle's parents is included for you here:

Please take the time to read the full account of the events of Kyle's short but completely meaningful and "purpose-filled" life.  Our prayer is that you may be introduced to the One in whom all life is sustained and the joy that comes in a relationship with Him.